HICHERT DESIGN is a creative design studio for design concepts and developments specializing in brand identity and interior design, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

My name is Anne Hichert, I’m a passionate designer.
I’m graduated from Zurich University of the Arts and since then working in strategic, print, interior and digital design with an approach of clean, unique and minimalist aesthetic. 
I’m working with a network of freelancers.

I`m passionate about visual identities, packaging, typography and also enjoy working in the fields of interior and product design, conceiving projects from the first sketch to the final result, taking care of every single detail in the making. For each new project I aim for thoughtful creative ideas with a strong approach to elaborated and refined solutions.

I’m currently open to any exciting freelance and collaborative opportunities. 
However, if you are keen to contact me or just say hello, drop me a line. 

I look forward to your message!